What we do

Services and Support

  • We provide five outreaches per week on the streets of Athens by teams of dedicated volunteers. We offer drinks (hot in the winter, cold in the summer), a smile, love and acceptance.
  • We connect with individuals in their place of work with the purpose of offering emotional support and information about services offered by the organization or other service providers.
  • We provide counseling, spiritual encouragement, advocacy and referrals to other government or private service providers.
  • We distribute printed material related to the organization’s goals.



Advocacy and Referrals

  • We network with responsible private or government agencies, which offer specialized professional, legal, or medical help to those in need.
  • We connect with people to the provision of hospitality (shelter, food, clothing, personal items) should they have such immediate needs.
  • We communicate with and mobilize responsible national agencies, government ministries as well as European and/or international agencies to raise public awareness to fight and respond to the multi-faceted problem of human trafficking into the sex industry.