Threads of Hope

    Threads of Hope Hellas is a civil non-profit partnership that was incorporated by members of the Nea Zoi association, with a public benefit  purpose and by no means profit-making. It is connected with the purposes of the Nea Zoi Association, for the Support and Restoration of Individuals in Prostitution to provide professional training and skills to achieve economic independence and financial autonomy.

    In the website you will find more about Threads of Hope Hellas and you will also be able to purchase some of the products they make.


Short story of Threads of Hope Hellas:

    Threads of Hope Hellas was birthed as Nea Zoi team was trying to find a job for those coming out of their old way of living. 

    That was the beginning. Sewing classes started and soon enough we were inspired to start a small business of cloth bags, which they are now making and also other products.

    It all started by faith, and still goes on by faith, for God to provide for the financial needs of the business.