October 2018


October 2018


  • For a deepening of our relationship with the people we meet and for us to be able to hang out with them not only in the areas we find them.
  • For the new people we see, even if that is for a very short amount of time, as they pass through to continue  their “journey’ in and out of the Greek borders.
  • For 3 very specific people, so that God’s freedom comes in their lives and that they find the courage to ask for help.
  • For the new sewing classes at ToH and the various practical aspects concerning them.
  • For wisdom and guidance in the ministry.
  • For the financial difficulties.
  • For more male and female volunteers to join the ministry, especially Albanian speaking female volunteers.




  • For a smooth re-immersion in the outreaches of the new season.
  • For the small and the big ways God intervenes.
  • For the new beginnings.