May 2018


May 2018


  • For the continued outreaches.
  • For the girls who have – very recently – found the way to freedom; by the Grace of God.
  • For our volunteers.
  • For the souls who listen to the good news of Christ; in a spiritually suffocating environment.
  • For the impeccable cooperation; when it comes to spreading the good news of Christ’s love.




  • For the very many challenges that lie ahead, within and outside of the ministry.
  • For the safety of the people who have – very recently – sought for a much needed freedom.
  • For God to make a way where there is no way and for open doors in areas we haven’t been reaching so far.
  • For the teams that are coming to see the ministry, so that their time with us is a blessed and beneficial one.
  • For female Albanian speaking volunteers.