March 2017


MARCH 2017


  • For a woman that wants our prayers to overcome the attacks from the enemy of our souls and the deep psychological problems she is facing.

  • For the upcoming Easter outreach; so that the good news of Christ’s resurrection can be transmitted successfully through Nea Zoi.

  • For the quick delivery and putting together of the various components of the 500 presents, in order for them to be ready for the beginning of the Easter outreaches at the end of the month.

  • For health, wisdom and protection for all those involved in the ministry.

  • For the taking care of the financial part of the Easter outreaches.

  • For Albanian speaking outreach volunteers.


  • For the team that came to help very willingly and tirelessly towards the renovation of the office.

  • For the ongoing protection from God even in the dangerous areas we visit and the challenging situations we are facing.

  • For the financial support from our brothers and sisters from around the world.

  • For the blessing of having partners from almost each and every of the languages needed in order to reach out to the people we meet, through printed material; their help for the various translations is invaluable.

  • For all of the ways God is helping us, even if we don’t notice it.