June 2017


June 2017


  • For a very difficult situation, and for a happy end in this case, as we are observing the first steps of freedom and for wisdom for the participation of the ministry.
  • For the coming of short term teams of volunteers from various countries and the smooth transition of them to the life of the ministry.
  • Please keep praying for Albanian speaking outreach volunteers.
  • For the health and wellbeing of the volunteers.
  • For leading in the difficulties within the ministry.
  • For deliverance from the influence of the evil one.


  • For that He is still the victor over death.
  • For his living Hope.
  • Because He is still at work in people’s lives.
  • For that He works at the appropriate time in the appropriate way.
  • For the practical implementations of all of the above in the ministry, as the outreaches keep going.