July 2019


July 2019


  • For continued guidance, wisdom and discernment to all those who are part of the ministry.
  • For much needed energy, as the various outreaches are about to be completed for the summer break.
  • For the upcoming (in the end of this year) administrative changes.
  • For the continuation of the work of the outreach to those souls in need.
  • For Albanian and Bulgarian speaking volunteers.
  • For the courage to sort out and resolve past open wounds by the Grace and Mercy of the Lord.





  • For His continued protection, especially as it appeared in a very tangible way regarding a very recent financial situation we were in; as we experienced the very unpleasant side effects of what is known as “hacking”.
  • For the doctors, the lawyer and the many friends and partners of the ministry who are -as always- there for us; especially when it is most needed.
  • Because His promise is that despite of all of our mistakes and wrong doings he will guide and cover us with His mercy and leading; of course only when he is indeed valuable in our lives.