January 2020


January 2020


  • For the new year; for guidance and blessing in every aspect and in every decision.
  • For the people we minister; so that we have open doors to talk to them about Christ.
  • For more people to get involved; for helping with the immediate needs as well as being potentially involved with the new plans we have.
  • Especially Albanian and Bulgarian speaking female volunteers. Also, people with cars who would be able to help for 2-3 hours a week.
  • For health; physical and spiritual as well as protection from the enemy and his attacks.
  • For a very special case of a person we are helping; so that everything goes well and that she is steady in living her new life.




  • For God’s mercy that allowed for a new year to come.
  • For all the blessings and the difficulties, we expect to come in the new year; God will make a way in all of them.
  • Because, in all, we can trust God who is the victor of all!