January 2017




  • For the New Year’s outreaches and for God’s blessing upon the sowing of His word through the distribution of devotional calendars in each and every of the languages spoken by the people we meet.

  • For the Bulgarian speaking girls and the wisdom we need in order to find ways to meet their need of studying the word of God.

  • For new opportunities to share the good news to the women and the men we meet on the streets and in the brothels.

  • For strength, health, guidance and the Grace of God to all those that are involved one way or another into the ministry.

  • For a specific person that is involved in the trafficking business and who we meet often on Wednesday mornings and wants to keep being an obstacle in the work of the ministry. Please pray for God’s intervention in his life.


  • For the big and the small interventions of God that we saw in the year, and for those we didn’t even notice!

  • For His protection throughout the past year.

  • Because he remains the same, yesterday, today and into the centuries.