February 2017




  • For the girls and the madams that have asked for psychological support, so that we will be able to assist them in the way God leads us to.

  • So that obstacles will be removed and the various girls and/or madams will be able to fulfill their desire to attend a church.

  • So that the Holy Spirit brings the content of the devotional calendars to life, in the hearts and in the minds of the people who received them.

  • So that new teams will be formed with the addition of more volunteers in order for more places to be reached.

  • For wisdom and discernment.

  • For Albanian speaking volunteers.



  • For His love and His mercy!

  • For that a Bulgarian speaking church environment is found!

  • For the unhindered continuation of the outreaches and the distribution of the calendars that were received with thankful hearts, by the majority of the people we meet.

  • For that the guy we mentioned last time, has been out of our way so far; …please keep praying that he will not pose an obstacle on the Wednesday morning outreach team and that there will be a divine intervention in this person’s life.