December 2019


December 2019


  • For the 2 weeks of Christmas outreaches; so that the message of Christmas may reach the hearts of the people we serve.
  • For a very special case and for a quick and happy turnout; wisdom and perseverance regarding this case.
  • For the administrative changes that will take place in the beginning of this month and for the will of God to prevail in all.
  • For the staff and volunteers of the ministry.
  • For the wisdom and the strength needed to carry on.




  • For the cost of the Christmas outreaches has been mostly covered; and that we are only a bit behind from covering our end of the year costs.
  • For the new people, volunteers and staff who have joined the team (and the new ones who are coming in the new year) and have brought their own very special skills and breath to the ministry.
  • For all of you who have been with us throughout this year as well; in praying, supporting, volunteering and overall partnering with us!
  • For the gift that Jesus is to the life of broken humanity.