December 2017

Monthly Prayer Requests

December 2017


  • For the Christmas outreaches, for open doors to deliver the gifts and for the message of Christ-mas to touch the hearts of the people we meet.
  • For Nea Zoi and its people.
  • For the people we minister to and especially for those who have expressed the desire to change their lives; so that God provides strength to them.
  • For male and female volunteers; so that new teams and projects can come to life.
  • Especially for Albanian speaking female volunteers.
  • For God to work in the hearts of the people we meet, during the Christmas break.
  • For God to supply for the emergency situations in the lives of the people we meet.



  • For the son of God, the Christ, who came down to earth! (Emanuel – God with us)
  • For He became poor so that we can become rich with his Love and eternal spiritual blessings!
  • For He remains the same, now and always!
  • For the provision of gifts and home-baked cookies!
  • For all the people who helped putting together extra little gifts!
  • For the people who have abandoned their self-destructive ways and are taking slow steps to freedom!