February 2020


February 2020


  • For a specific person and spiritual freedom in her life. May she break free from the spiritual oppression she is under.
  • For the seed planted through the devotional calendars we shared in every language of the people we meet.
  • For the new effort of the cooking class so that this project becomes a positive influence in the lives of those who are looking for a way out.
  • For the female and male volunteers; especially for outreaches.
  • For the financial needs.
  • For the revamping of the Nigerian team after a couple of months and for blessings in the lives of the people we will minister to.





  • For the 23rd year of this ministry serving the purposes of God’s plan regarding the sharing of His good news to the marginalized people in the brothels and in the streets of Athens.
  • For the revamping of the Nigerian team after almost 9 months and praise for all of the volunteers that God provided so that the team can be created anew!
  • For all of the volunteers and the staff of the ministry!
  • For a wonderful evening during the cut of the new years cake!
  • For the love and support of our brothers and sisters and from all of the churches.
  • Because we can rely on him regarding every little thing.