September 2017

Monthly Prayer Requests

September 2017


  • For a smooth restart of the ministry as of the 11th of the month. For the smooth reentry of the volunteers and the staff into the life of the ministry.
  • For the first contacts that will be made after almost 2 months of the summer break.
  • For the girl that we have mentioned who is taking steady steps towards real freedom in Christ. Pray that God gives her his light and wisdom.
  • For the ministry as a whole and the various upsets and problems.
  • For Albanian speaking female outreach volunteers.



  • Praise for the beginning of a new season and the daily renewal of His mercy.
  • Because He is never too far away during trouble.
  • For His victory over the evil spiritual forces.
  • For the girl we have mentioned and the progress that has been made with the help of God.
  • For all those who answer His call.