March 2018


March 2018


  • For a blessed celebration of women’s day, in the ministry!
  • For all the Godly women who have dedicated their lives to Him and are bearers of blessings for the people around them.
  • For the Easter outreaches, as we are slowly but steadily overcoming the various obstacles by the Grace of God!
  • For a smooth integration of the new people in the life of the ministry so far.




  • For the women who came to the celebration for women’s day and those who might have wanted to join us but weren’t able to for various reasons…
  • For wisdom, discernment, strength and health for the ministry and those involved.
  • For the new plans and for chances to share the gospel.
  • For more volunteers; especially Albanian speaking female volunteers.
  • For the Threads of Hope and the changes happening there.