July 2017

Monthly Prayer Requests

July 2017


  • For the summer season break as the outreaches are coming to an end.
  • For spiritual and physical renewal of those involved in the ministry.
  • For the continuation of God’s work in the hearts of the people we minister during our absence.
  • For the deliverance of souls from the clutches of the devil and its minions.
  • For total deliverance of the soul we currently minister to and for the removal of the influence of the enemy of the soul on that person as she heals on a spiritual and emotional level.
  • For God’s hand upon the ministry.
  • For Albanian speaking volunteers.


  • For the positive turnout of the story we mentioned last time.
  • For the hand of God when problems seem to be unsurmountable.
  • For His protection, especially for all of the things we don’t see.
  • For that He is the Lord of the Harvest!