January 2018

Monthly Prayer Requests

January 2018



  • for the New year’s outreaches and the distribution of calendars; so that they will be received well and that they will bear fruit.
  • for the people we will see after almost a month; for good contact with them.
  • for the ministry and its people.
  • for the changes and the new beginnings in the ministry, in many aspects; so that there will be a smooth transition to the new situation.
  • for God’s blessing on the people we serve and for freedom in their lives.
  • for more volunteers in order to create more teams and bring to life new plans.
  • especially for Albanian speaking female volunteers.



  • For answered prayers; for he listens to every prayer whether we like the answer or not.
  • For He is reliable.
  • For the renewal of His mercy for one more year.
  • For all the people who helped during the past year and for all the people God is going to bring to Nea Zoi, in the new year; for them to be beneficial to and to benefit from the ministry.