August 2017

Monthly Prayer Requests

August 2017


  • Pray for God’s continuous provision over a difficult situation, as we are observing the first steps of freedom and for wisdom to know how God wants to use this ministry.
  • For the continuation of God’s work in the hearts of the people we meet, especially during the time when the ministry is not going to be having outreaches.
  • For His protection over them and for the seed that has been sown the entire year to come to fruition.
  • For the health and wellbeing of the volunteers.
  • For wisdom in the ministry as a whole.
  • Please keep praying for Albanian speaking outreach volunteers.
  • For leading in the difficulties within the ministry and for deliverance from the influence of the evil one.



  • Praise Him for another season that came to an end in safety despite the surrounding situation.
  • For the freedom He can only provide!
  • For His Love and Mercy!
  • For His plans for the future!