Exploiters and Customers

Who are the Exploiters? 

   There are many people who benefit from these individuals continuing in prostitution: organized crime who arranges for the women to come, corrupt police who take bribes, government which takes the fines from the girls working illegally, pimps who control the women, madams and pimps who take as much as 50,000 euros from each girl working for them.   

   Duplicitous lawyers prey upon their lack of knowledge of the system, and end up pushing the girls more into debt. While we don’t see pimps in the classic sense of the word, there is typically some man who is being supported by the woman’s work. Bar, hotel, cafeteria, brothel owners, and operators take a cut of the profits.

    The people selling services to the women: lingerie, condom manufacturers, take-out food, taxi drivers, and many others. We are outraged by their self-righteous complicity in the injustice and apparent delight in the “opportunities” these women represent.


Who are the Customers?

   There are a wide range of customers, from teen-age boys to old men, marginalized to wealthy family heads, local or immigrant and everything in between. According to research by Stark and Hodgson, there is a significant link between the use of pornography and prostitution.

    A man who uses a prostitute tends to make less emotional investment and to objectify all the women he is in relationship with. This all has multiple negative implications – STDs, psychological problems, and relationship problems.

    Unfortunately, in Greek society, prostitution is viewed as a normal part of society. It is estimated that one in four Greek men regularly use prostitutes, and we have heard much anecdotal evidence of families sending their sons to a prostitute to learn about sexuality. Men may begin a lifelong habit of using prostitutes during their mandatory military service.


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