(English) Donate your birthday!


Donate your birthday!

     Recently we were informed by an American student of a fundraising idea called “Donate your birthday”.

What does “Donate your birthday” mean?

     In a few sentences it means that the person interested in donating his or her birthday, posts a link we are going to provide, on their social media (fb for example), to let their friends know that he or she wishes to have some or all of the birthday present offerings redirected to the ministry of their choice.

     In which case anyone interested will specify that he or she wants to help support the cause of the Nea Zoi ministry!

Donate your birthday to Nea Zoi!

     If you want to do so, then contact us at contact@neazoi.org to let us know of your desire and we will get back to you with details!


Thank you in advance!

The Nea Zoi team


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